Our spaces are located in the same building and can be found on Google Maps at:

Tit for Tat
Cato Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 6JL

Desperate Studio

Our light and airy rehearsal space is available for hire.
It’s a fantastic, low-cost venue for theatre company rehearsals and filming. Available for hire 7 days a week.

  • 17 x 24 feet
  • Insulated floor
  • Double glazed windows with black-out blinds
  • Piano, sofa and chairs
  • Access to a kitchen with sink, microwave, kettle, fridge
  • Green screen and white/black background rollers
  • Jigsaw matting and basic physio equipment
  • Speakers and audio jack
  • A costume cupboard

Lights are on dimmer switches but are not full theatre lights – we are able to source some lighting and gels on request at a small additional cost. The room is not suitable for band rehearsals and unfortunately the only access points into the building is via 5 steps.

There is a sliding scale based on frequency, duration, and scope of the project/organisation. Please contact us at info@tit4tat.org for more rates and availability.

Dojo Studio

This studio is less suitable for company rehearsals with equipment or sets, but excellent for physical work, mark-throughs, training, and other specific activities.

Shared with Aikido Takemusu Kai, it comes with a few dojo rules to respect the space and the usage of others. Unlike our Desperate Studio, it is more suitable for hourly hires or one-off day hires.

A fantastic room with higher ceilings suitable for juggling, and quality matting for martial arts and acrobatics.

Its in its early days in getting set up, and is mostly suitable to local practitioners or professionals looking for some private practice space, or somewhere to run suitable evening classes.

Please note, unless otherwise agreed, all activity in the Dojo Studio must be barefoot, with shoes left in the cloakroom outside the space.


Our studios and connected office operate through a project called PACTS (Performing Artists Collaborative Theatre Spaces); a collection of independent artists and creative companies co-existing to support and share resources. With a history spanning over 30 years, PACTS functions today as a not-for-profit group, managed by Artistic Directors Ryan Murphy and Maia Ayling of Tit for Tat.

Originally set up in 1993 by Jon Beedell, Frankie Anderson, Kim Tilbrook, Tim Roberts and Olly Crick after the demise of Fooltime circus school (the forerunner of Circomedia) to create and manage a shared space where members could rehearse, design, make, produce, meet, exchange ideas, and share office space and administrative resources.

Located on Mivarts Street (Easton, Bristol) the studio has been in constant use since 1995 by different arts groups, both regularly and on an ad hoc basis. For over 20 years the studio, storage and office spaces have been used by a diverse and talented variety of artists, makers, cultural strategists, advocates, and important movers and shakers of England’s vibrant cultural and artistic sector.

In 2016 a basic refurbishment of the facilities took place with a small ACE grant and investment from Desperate Men (the managing resident company at the time) and the landlords. In 2023, after their “40 Years of Desperation” the Desperate Men handed over the reins of PACTS and its associated space to Tit for Tat, who had begun their first show in the studio back in 2013.

Tit for Tat continues to uphold the wonderful legacy of the space on a not-for-profit basis, with an aim to continue supporting artistic curation, cultural incentives, and creative careers.

In 2024, Tit for Tat built a new cupboard for the studio, and also connected with other makers and artists in the building to develop new working relationships. As part of this, Tit for Tat connected with Aikdo Takemusu Kai, to co-share the Dojo Studio on the top floor of the building – a space more suitable to lone practitioners, small groups, and private discipline practice – to better support the growing need for practice spaces across Bristol.

Resident Companies

Our space is currently home to…

T4T (duh)

Desperate Men


Kid Carpet