The Show

Now I Am Become d/Deaf (Destroyer of Words)

Words words words. What if we just forgot language for a moment, and connected with something more simple? Something innate, primal, and as loud as a look?

Exploring their own degenerative hearing loss as a source of celebratory play and invention, a clown stumbles before its audience, and dances between the chattering heads and the singing hands of strangers. Tackling cultural boundaries and personal identity through moments of chaos, sincerity, interconnectivity, and utter nonsense.

Immerse yourself in a world where the loudest actions are lost in translation, and the tiniest looks become deafening. A visual spectacle that celebrates silence, and throws a wordless ear-splitting laugh into the face of frustration – in an effort for one clown to simply say “hello!”

Available for touring, with a tech-spec available on request.

A one person show with a big impact, performed in a space of 7×7 meters, with at least 5 meters of height.

This show can make use of our own battery powered PA to reduce festival power usage, and runs at approximately 30 minutes.

One of our few shows without fire, making it more suitable for some sites and venues.

Features highly unique hat juggling skills, and an original balancing act on telescopic ladders.