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Books! Show


Four bedraggled book enthusiasts travel from town to town – forced between the margins – on a mission to protect literature.

The libraries keep closing, their beloved books are being forced out into the streets, where the rain is heavy and the sun is getting hotter!

But with the membership numbers of their strange little book club dwindling, they must embark on a quest to recruit more radical reading enthusiasts. Without new members, the book club might be closed forever!

(you make take a moment to gasp in horror)

These Hardback Heroes can’t let such a tragic epilogue come to pass… but they need you. Yes, YOU. You can already read – so we’re halfway there.

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The Most Dangerous Cup of Tea in the World Show

The Most Dangerous Cup of Tea in the World

Rick & Kevin have gone to extreme lengths to perfect the ultimate cuppa. They invite you to partake in the most dangerous quenching of thirst that, until now, you never knew you had.

Switch on the kettle, (preferably with a mallet), and prepare yourself for the most explosive, death-defying brew in the world.

Its not fruit infusions or fancy labels that makes the perfect blend… the truth is, Tea only tastes good if you almost die making it.

Trust us, one sip of this will change the way you make tea – forever!

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A Knight Away

A Knight Away – follow Sir Kuss and his loyal (if somewhat grumbling) squire on their well deserved time off!

After many a quest, its finally time for a rather well-earned holiday. It was very kind of The Knightly Order to send him on this permanent vacation. As a paragon of Justice – Sir Kuss feels this is nothing more than a very well deserved reward for his lifelong heroics!

Of course, if you were to ask his ever-loyal and forever-burdened squire, you might hear suggestions that The Knightly Order were actually quite keen to ‘relocate’ him. Bored of his endless stories and nostalgic re-enactments, and shaking their heads at his somewhat ‘dated’ ideals and understanding of chivalry. It was felt that a bit of a ‘rework’ of the order was… well, in order.

With plate mail, swim shorts, holiday games, sights to see, and axes to juggle – this bumbling entourage of knightly stupidity are absolutely delighted to meet you!

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Some of the best clowning I have seen in years.

Crawley Circus Festival